Registered Charity No: 873/2009

greece  uk

Our Mission Statement 

1. The recognition that every  living  creature (earth – air – sea)  that  shares  the  planet  with  us,  the  human  beings,  must have our  protection  and  our  support,  for  the environment and  humanity’s maximum  benefit.

2. Giving protection and ensuring the health and the well-being of animals such as providing vaccination, sterilisation, correct feeding and all necessary treatment  according to the circumstances.
3. Cooperating in giving help and care to sick, suffering or distressed animals by the veterinary or his assistant. 
4. Creating and developing a spirit of assistance for the animals and pets of the inhabitants of or visitors to Leros
5. Educating people by organising speeches, presentations, meetings, lectures, videos and publication of brochures, articles, posters, as well as cooperating with schools and developing the love and respect of animals.  
6. Establishing a club of animal lovers in order to give opportunity to the members of our Charity to have meetings, dialogue and better communication.
7. Checking to see if the authorities follow the law in animal protection, especially in cases that violence has been used against them.
8. Developing cooperation with other Charities of animal lovers.
9. Finding and collecting the necessary financial income for realising our purposes.
10. Every activity that preserves the ecological balance and the protection of the environment in which all the living creatures are nurtured and thrive .
11. Any other activity that supports the Charity to realise  its targets and purposes, having the benefit of the welfare and the pleasant co-existence of animals and people of the island of Leros.



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